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Hi, my company’s service Alexandria Carpet Cleaning can do miracles with spots and stains. My name is Jesse and I have lived in Alexandria my whole life. I started cleaning carpets in 1988. I began working for a company that advertised “too good to be true” prices. I soon found out that it was pretty much a scam! They trained me to up-sell everything.  Deodorizer, shampoo, pet urine treatment and carpet protector were all extra. If the customer didn’t buy the extras we were told to “Rock ‘n Roll”. This meant clean the carpet as fast as you can and get out. Then I was sent to another gullible customer that believed in the $29.95 “whole house special”.

I had decided that I would never do business like that company. I opened my carpet cleaning service a year later. I price by the square foot. In fact, if you use a company that does not price by the square foot they are probably planning to up-sell services to you when they get in your home. I also decided to do the best cleaning they had ever seen with all natural Eco-friendly green cleaners. It was not easy providing a good green cleaning back in the early 90’s. But today the chemistry has come a long way and it is possible. That’s what we do guaranteed!

Furthermore, my company is truly family run and owned so you might get my son, nephew or me cleaning for you.  We are all IICRC certified. That means we know how to identify your carpets fiber and match it with the correct pH pre-spray and rinse. Many carpet cleaners don’t know this information and just throw the cheapest cleaners they get at Home Depot onto your carpet.

If you want Alexandria’s Most Eco-Friendly, Natural Green Cleaning You Have Ever Seen give Alexandria Green Carpet Cleaners a call today at (703) 672-3909

Who Is Alexandria Green Carpet Cleaners?

To provide Alexandria’s Most Eco-Friendly, Natural and Green Cleaning You Have Ever Seen or Smelled Guaranteed!
Taking time to provide an experience to remember Alexandria’s Most Eco-Friendly, Natural and Green Cleaning You Have Ever Seen or Smelled Guaranteed!
To spend time giving the best customer service in order to provide Alexandria Green’s Most Eco-Friendly, Natural and Green Cleaning You Have Ever Seen or Smelled Guaranteed!
We specialize in Commercial projects. Whether you need your offices tile and grout cleaned or carpeting we can accommodate your schedule after hours or 8 to 5. We have cleaned many square feet of building entrances and hallways and lobbies. Call us at (703) 672-3909 to schedule for a cleaning or free carpet, upholstery, tile or flood inspection.

Our Crazy
Thorough Cleaning Steps

1st Step – Dry Soil Removal – Vacuuming Is Important! 100
2nd Step – Pre-spray High Traffic Areas – Breaks down stains. 100
3rd Step – High Emulsifying Cleaners to cut soil & grease. 100
4th Step – High Powered Acid Rinse Abstraction – carpets are soft. 100

Meet The Alexandria Green Carpet Cleaners Team

SteveSenior Technician
My nephew Tom has been cleaning with me since I opened in 1989.
Jesse is my son and has been cleaning carpets, upholstery and Rugs since 2006.
JesseOwner and Technician
I have been cleaning since 1988 and started Alexandria VA Carpet Cleaning in 1989.

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