Rug Cleaning Alexandria

Rug Cleaning Alexandria specializes in full-immersion rug cleaning that cleans all the way through the wool to bring out the beauty of the original colors of the wool. Do you own a beautiful rug that was made in the Middle East or China. After years of dust, spills, foot debris, pets and food stains we can bring back your treasure of woven colorful designs.

We first do an inspection of the rug to let you know if we feel we can restore it. We do a colorfast test to see if the acid dyes will run and how much. It is okay if it runs a little. Some rugs from third world war-torn countries don’t have the access to clean running water that we do. It is in their characteristic to run some.

We have a process to lock the dyes to prevent dye migration. The next step is to do dry soil removal before your rug ever touches the water. This will prevent that dry soil from becoming mud and making it much harder to clean. Finally we fully immerse your rug to clean out all the years of dirt, grease. pollen, pet dander etc.

Rug Cleaning Alexandria

After hand cleaning the entire rug it is time to use a low pH rinse where we rinse multiple times to get out the soap to prevent future attracting residue. Next is last cleaning touches and fringe cleaning. This takes time because it also is done by hand. Finally, we extract as much water as possible and transfer the rug to the drying room.

Drying takes between eight to twelve hours on average but some heavier rugs such as persian rugs can take twelve to twenty four hours to completely dry. If you have any woven rugs that need a cleaning please give us a call today at (703) 672-3909 or fill out the form below for a free estimate and free bottle of carpet and rug spotter.