Tile Cleaning Alexandria VA

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Tile Cleaning Alexandria VA

knows your homes beauty can be amplified with beautiful floors. Especially tile floors in the kitchen and bathrooms. Today tile is growing in popularity over wall-to-wall carpeting. People are choosing to replace carpeted floors with ceramic, stone or wood tiles.

However, just as carpets get dirty so do tile floors. In the kitchen and bathroom water spills and leaks can take a toll on your hard surface flooring. Coloring from foods and drinks can leave stains behind. These colored stains are the most difficult to clean. Sometimes instead of cleaning them we can do a color change or oxidization, Tile cleaning Alexandria knows the secret chemistry and has the special heated and rotary equipment to get your tile floor sparkling clean. When we are finished you may even ask yourself are these floors new!

You can try to do it yourself. But the ability to get deep stains out of your tile and grout can only be done by a specialist who will use our special process. He will first pre-spray a highly alkaline cleaner on the floor and let it dwell for 10 minutes. Then he will pre-scrub the tile and grout lines. Next, he will extract with a high temperature high-pressure rotary device that will get up the years of crud off the tiles and grout. Also, the tech may apply a sealant which is comparable to carpet protector. It can add years to the life of your tile floors.

Finally, after pre-spraying, cleaning and sealing your tile floors it is time to dry them. Usually we will finish with a mop up of all the water but it will take about 2-3 hours for your tile to completely dry as water can permeate through the tile or the grout which makes for slow dry times compared to a porous object like carpet.

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tile cleaning alexandria va

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